Get Involved


You can be our valued partner in the ministry of HOPE by involving in following three ways:
1) Please pray for HOPE. Your prayer is the key to our success.
2) Please participate in HOPE. For this you may:
(a) Actively use your God given talents and expertise in any of the initiatives of HOPE as you like.
(b) You may volunteer to join the club, “FRIENDS OF HOPE” to speak about HOPE in your professional and personal sphere to create awareness.

Please be a partaker of the ministry of HOPE as one body.

3)Please extend your partnership to HOPE. For this you may:
(a) Pledge your sacrificial giving. This will be like your work of faith, labor of love and endurance of hope in our ministry.
(b) You may like to offer GIFT IN KIND contribution. This could include anything that would help building the ministry of HOPE keeping in view its vision and mission

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